140 High Street North

Residential Development, London

This mixed-use development at 140 High North in East Ham will convert the existing two storey Victorian terrace building into 4 residential units with ground floor offices. 140 High Street North is located in East Ham and is typical of properties in the area containing both commercial use at ground floor and flats above. The existing building comprises of a ground floor commercial area with a kiosk and money transfer business with a small basement store room. The first and second floor host a 1×2 bed maisonette.

The site sits within an established street pattern with late Victorian buildings mixed with the insertion of several larger scale contemporary buildings. The proposal will increase the residential area to 189sqm to provide 1 x 1-bed 2 person flat and 3 x 1-bed 1 person flat.

The proposed configuration will create 3 x 1-bed + 1 x 2-bed. These range from 50 sqm to 68 sqm. The new entrance to the new flats is proposed directly from Clemens Road via a communal staircase up to the second floor. The ground floor provides access to a new two-storey 1-bed flat. There is one 2-bed flat at second floor level and another 1-bed flat located in the loft. All flats will be dual aspect. This mixed use scheme is proposed to increase the amount of commercial space marginally from 63 sqm to 77 sqm.

The development provides an ideal opportunity for a contemporary addition and incorporates robust and high quality materials of brick and standing seam roof which sit comfortably with the existing context. The fenestration provides detail to the façade and a distinctive brick pattern at ground floor level will create a plinth, extending the lines of shop front, wrapping the corner of the existing building. Soldier courses are proposed to add detail and expression to the main façade. The proposed new accommodation will also be designed to be energy efficient and utilise sustainable materials.

The proposed development respects the existing context of the surrounding buildings, the amenity of existing occupants and compliments the existing buildings and streetscape.

Status: Planning Consent Granted
Client: Asset Kundra Holdings Ltd
Floor Area: 183.5 sq/m residential and 246.8 sq/m commercial