Finborough Road, SW10

Flat Refurbishment, Earl's Court, London

For this flat refurbishment, the property is an existing two bedroom lower ground floor residential apartment located on the west side of the Finborough Road near Earls Court, London within ‘The Bolton’s’ Conservation Area. The apartment is part of a three storey residential terrace with two apartments above and residential properties either side. To the rear the property leads to a garden area sloping upwards towards the boundary with Brompton Cemetery.

A new full width rear extension has replaced a previous bedroom extension allowing the existing living space to be relocated towards the quiet garden elevation adjacent to the cemetery. The garden has been modified to create an entertaining terrace adjacent to the living space which is terraced with two levels to the higher garden towards the cemetery wall.

Natural daylight is introduced to the living room via three skylights above and French doors to the rear and to an internal light well providing a slot view of the garden from the master bedroom. The bathroom and ensuite bathrooms were located between the bedrooms maximising the space to the living areas and bedrooms.

The apartment has been completely refurbished with tiled under floor heating to the living space and corridor, new fitted kitchen opening on to the living area, central heating, electrics and acoustic ceiling.

Status: Completed

Client: Private

Floor Area: 79 sq/m