Backlands Development, Crystal Palace, Bromley

The site is close to the location of the former Crystal Palace

When approached to assess the potential to develop a vacant backland in Bromley near Crystal Palace, we saw an opportunity to transform the derelict site into a high quality, sustainable, residential development despite the challenging site constraints of a railway line, embankment, conservation area and protected trees.

Railway Embankment

The site is bound by a railway track to the south east, rear gardens of imposing detached Victorian houses to the northwest and a private garden to the south west. It sits along the border of the Belvedere Road Conservation Area and trees towards the south west were protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

Site Section

These constraints informed the layout and resulted in a massing which is sensitive to the surrounding context and neighbours privacy. The proposed massing has been situated away from the buildings and trees in the conservation area and located towards the railway. It has also been carefully crafted to suit topography of the site with a split level volume to follow the contour levels as one walks towards the back of the site.

Embankment Elevation

The proposal provides a mix of sizes and types of accommodation including: one 3 bedroom maisonette, two 2-bedroom maisonettes, two 2-bedroom flats, and two 1-bedroom flat. Several of the flats include spacious terraces with privacy screens. The development incorporates robust and high quality materials of dark bricks, dark stained timber cladding and metal details. This allows the proposal to seamlessly to blend within the background of the existing context. The sloped site is orientated toward south providing an abundance of sunlight into the units.

Courtyard Elevation

Biodiversity is encouraged with the retention of the existing tress and new landscaping including a green roof for the building. The resident’s amenity is protected by acoustic glazing and a heat recovery ventilation system. Renewable energy is provided by photovoltaic cells to the roof. Cycle parking is provided for all residents reducing dependence on car use.

View from the Railway

Overall, the design successfully transforms the vacant site into a well-integrated contemporary residential building enhancing the surrounding neighbourhood.

Perforated corrugated doors