Construction begins on N16

We are excited to announce that our latest residential scheme has recently begun construction on site in N16. The proposal is located on a plot of vacant land on the corner of Albion Grove and Milton Grove in Stoke Newington. The area is surrounded by an eclectic mixture of recent, mid-20th century and Victorian buildings. The existing building is part of a terrace that is locally-listed; therefore great consideration was taken to ensure that the proposed contemporary aesthetic respected the neighbouring context using high quality materials sympathetic to the historic context and streetscape. The new building mirrors the existing buildings internal floor levels allowing window opening to follow the line of historic windows in the listed terrace.


Construction beginning at Albion Grove


The four unit residential infill building consisting of 1x three-bed, 2 x two bed and 1 x one-bed flats over three storeys. The 3-bed family sized flat has been located to the lower ground floor with access to a private landscaped terraces to both sides. The rear façade has been staggered to maintain sunlight and daylight to the existing residential accommodation and to prevent a sense of enclosure to the existing gardens. The stepped façade allows for rear facing terraces with privacy screens to the side.


Several sustainable features have been incorporated into the scheme such as passive heating and ventilation, energy efficient gas condensing boilers with underfloor heating, green roofs, and high levels of thermal insulation to minimising energy loss and cycle storage.


Residential schemes such as this, developing currently underutilised land will make contribution to the housing stock in the borough providing high quality residential accommodation whilst at the same time respecting the amenity of existing tenants and historic built environment.


Proposed View of Albion Grove from the Street