Cooperative Housing Scheme completes on 4-8 Hafer Road, SW11

As architects appointed in 2014 by Kuropatwa Ltd. the developer/ contractor for the technical design of the 16 residential apartments at Hafer Road, featured in AJ 14.07.16, we were challenged to deliver what was a relatively complex design by Peter Barber Architects who have a track record of designing innovative and idiosyncratic residential schemes. What had been a controversial planning process with over 38 written objections the LPA were very keen the ‘as built’ scheme retained the design quality of the planning scheme therefore all design revisions were vetted by the council via a minor amendment application.


We developed the design to ensure the successful realisation of the scheme and to incorporate the different design requirements of the end users, more challenging than a conventional developer led scheme. Various design amendments were made to the glazing, internal layouts and finishes.


The residents were keen to increase views and natural daylight to the rooms surrounding the courtyard. External basement staircases, originally conceived as part of the bespoke fire strategy, were omitted and lobbies introduced at ground floor along with glazed screens to the living spaces. The original courtyard glazing, designed as a matrix of smaller composite framed window panels, were replaced with a structural glazed curtain walling system allowing unobtrusive floor to ceiling glass complimented with full height sliding doors with glazed balustrades; the opening up of the courtyard allowing one owner to install a green wall with water feature. Larger glazed panels were introduced to the rear gardens along with bi-parting sliding doors. A similar approach was taken to the design of the oriel windows with the opening sash relocated to the side panels to create a single sheet of glazing creating the ‘gold fish bowl’ effect.


The integration of the rainwater and soil and vent pipes was an important feature of the original design which was made harder by the irregular window and balcony setting out, this was successfully achieved by utilising a lightweight metal framing system to the facades.


Brick detailing was critical to the final appearance of the building this included integrating the differing window reveal depths specified by PBA in the original planning scheme. The brick balconies were altered during the original planning process due to the planners concern about the bulk of full brick balustrades facing the road therefore the front balustrades were amended by PBA to steel railings.


The high quality finish of the building was due to the contractor’s ability to offer a bespoke service to the residents allowing them to vary the internal finishes including the cabinets, tiling and sanitary wear. Our collaborative relationship with the contractor and expertise as an RIBA Chartered Practice enabled us to understand the complexity of the planning design and detail sympathetically to the original design intent.


Our client and PBA were delighted with the finished building which we believe was testament not only to the original planning scheme but also to a dedicated delivery team who worked hard over a 2 year period to deliver a successful building.

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Photography by Morely von Sternberg

List of Consultants:

– Peter Barber Architects (Planning Design)

– Mark Fairhurst Architects (Re-Planning & Technical Design)
Structural Engineer
– Hall Davis Consulting Engineers
M&E Engineers
– Mandick Waring Consulting Engineers
CDM Coordinator
– Andrew Worsley
Party Wall Surveyor
– GKR Associates
Acoustic Consultants
– KP Acoustics
Energy Consultants
– Mandick Waring Consulting Engineers
Landscape Architect
– Buckley Design Associates

List of Suppliers:

Facing Bricks
– Wienerberger Retro Mayfair BEA
Curtain Walling & Sliding Doors
– Aluprof
– Valfac
External Paving in the Courtyard
– Domus, Alfresco Wheeler
Ground Waterproofing
– Wykamol
Green Wall
– Treebox
Brown Roof
– Sedum Supply
External Doorsets
– L&D Joinery
– Kuropatwa Ltd Workshop
– Kuropatwa Ltd Workshop, Cedar Panels from Travis Perkins
Meter Room Metal Grating Doors
– Kuropatwa Ltd Workshop
Bike Storage Canopy
– Kuropatwa Ltd Workshop
– Safety Letterbox