CPD – Southwark Tour

A tailor-made walking tour of our local area of Union Street organised by Reform Architects, whom we shared our studio space, has been one of our top summer events, alongside with the softball and the Friday regular visits to locals. The tour was led by an experienced local historian, Stephen Humphrey, who is also the author of a few architectural books such as Churches and Cathedrals of London (2000) and the Blue Guides to English Churches and Chapels (1991). Stephen guided us through the history of the Southwark area from its politics, economy, humanity to architecture and various product manufacture.

The tour was very useful as we are currently working on projects on Union Street and Southwark Bridge Road in the Borough High Street and Union Street Conservation Areas.

HOP EXCHANGE at late 19th century It was four storey high originally but now left with only two after a fire in 1920.
LOOP WINDOW: One of main features of most of the converted warehouses in Southwark area. They were primarily used for loading and unloading goods in and out of the warehouses in the past.


HAYWARD BROTHERS’ VENTILATOR Most of the coal plates, ventilators, and pavement prism lights in London were manufactured by Hayward Brothers, the pioneer ironmonger at 18th century, now Hayward Limited.