London Festival of Architecture Pecha Kucha

Mark Fairhurst Architects were invited in June to participate in a public consultation looking at the ‘Power of Norwood High Street’ organised by A Small Studio in conjunction with Norwood Works (BID) as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

A Pecha Kucha presentation was organised with local artists, planners, designers and architects to provide visions for the future for the run down High Street. Having been involved with local land owners combining existing industrial buildings to create potential development sites and Mark’s involvement with Norwood Planning Assembly this gave an ideal opportunity to present our work at Knight’s Hill Square (see


The presentation outlines the development of the area since the arrival of the railways and development of workers housing and public hall followed by the introduction of the industrial workshops more recently converted to warehouse use.


The recent planning history is explored explaining the restrictions of the current planning requirements and consequential issues including low employment and productivity levels and unregulated uses. Precedents of mixed used schemes demonstrate how similar sites have been transformed in to sustainable creative hubs combining affordable workspace with mixed tenure housing. The proposals at Knights Hill Square create a vision of a more hospitable, creative and productive area.


Follow this link to view the presentation: