Why Hire an Architect?

If you want your building project to maximise the potential of a specific plot of land, building or spaces and exceed expectations an architect will help you appraise your site or building. Architects are highly qualified and regulated professionals. The Royal Institute of British Architects created the RIBA Plan of Work which outlines the process of briefing, designing and operating building projects into eight stages.

2020 RIBA Plan of Work

During the initial stages, this provides the architect the opportunity to understand the client’s requirements thoroughly to create a design which responds according while also addressing the context, environment and sustainability. An understanding of project constraints such as cost, quality and time are also established during these stages to create a realistic picture to what is achievable to build. An architect will not only design in accordance with the brief but design with the wider goals and objectives in mind and how to deliver them.

Once an initial design is established, the Architect will address how the design will adhere to regulations such as planning, conservation, party walls, health & safety and building regulations. High design quality can be achieved through the specification, drawings including 3d visualisations. Initial stages involve concept designs which may pertain to the overall massing or initial layouts. These form the basis of designs which are developed into more detail. An architect can recommend specialist advice when required from other professionals including cost consultants, structural engineers, and services engineers.

Once the design has been completed, an architect can help you through the complex process of hiring a contractor to deliver your project by vetting builders, preparing tender documentation and assessing tenders. Once a contractor has been selected, the architect can monitor the process of construction and ensure the design is realised in line with your requirements through the use of building contracts, valuations, certification and regular site visits.

Architects can provide expertise guidance at each stage, ensuring quality, longevity and great value. Mark Fairhurst Architects’ experienced team is committed to bringing your vision to life. If you have a project you would like to discuss please give us a call or contact us here.

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